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Urdu Special – Four

Hi friends. I am very happy  to see the response of friends on my quizzes.  Here a fresh quiz for you. I hope you enjoy  with change the format and complete sentence . I trying for easy understanding about Urdu for my virily friends who really interested to learn the Urdu language. I hope after reading these sentences you will easily understand the matter.

I will trying and facilitate the friends to providing better step when you goes to the Urdu speaking countries. After learning and understanding Urdu you will feel more comfort . I hope you will continue your participation and enjoy. Thanks all of you for liking and participation.

  • Question of

    Today my mom is sick

    • Mari ammi aj beemar hain
    • Mari ammi aj ghar per nai
    • Mari ammi aj nai Jay ge
  • Question of

    My father is out of city today

    • Mary abbu aj shahr say bahr hain
    • Mary abbu aj kaam per hain
    • Mary abbu kal aaengy
  • Question of

    My brother is doctor

    • Mara Bhai moalej hy
    • Mara Bhai ustaad hy
    • Mara Bhai boht acha hy
  • Question of

    My sister is teacher

    • Mari bahn ghar per hoti hy
    • Mari bahn ustadni hy
    • Mari bahn theek hy
  • Question of

    My grandfather was military personnel

    • Mara dada Jan fouji thy
    • Mary dada Jan zameendar thy
    • Mary dada Jan mistri thy
  • Question of

    My grandmother was house wife

    • Mari dadi jaan gharaloo khatoon then
    • Mari dadi jaan boht achi then
    • Mari dadi jaan beemar then
  • Question of

    My brother in law is a electrician

    • Mara saala mazdoor hy
    • Mara saala bijli ka kaam krta hy
    • Mara saala dhobi hy
  • Question of

    My sister in law is a pilot

    • Mari saali jahaz urati hy
    • Mari saali gari chalati hy
    • Mar saali ghar chalati hy


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