Some quiz About Grand Theft Auto Iv

This is a very simple quiz about Grand Theft Auto game. This quiz will give you the knowledge about Grand Theft Auto game character and Liberty City. What do you know about Grand Theft Auto IV?

I create this quiz only for fun.

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  • Which of these is Niko’s sir name?

    • Bellic
    • Rascalov
    • Vladivostoc
  • Which of these is Niko’s Irish Descendant Friend?

    • Packie
    • Roman
    • Jacob
  • What is the true name of Niko’s FIRST Girlfriend?

    • Shelly
    • Kate
    • Karen
  • What is the Full Name of the popular Female Bohan Drug Dealer?

    • Elizabeta Torres
    • Florence Williams
    • Kate McReary
    • Kate McReary
  • Which area of Liberty City is most famous for being Populated by Serbian and Balkan Immigrants?

    • Star Junction
    • Hove Beach
    • South Fishmarket
  • How many Stunt Jumps are there to be found in GTA IV?

    • 50
    • 60
    • 12
  • What is the address of the less popular Internet Dating Site on GTA IV?

  • What is the true Identity of the un-named Liberty City Serial Killer?

    • Patrick McReary
    • Cherise
    • Eddie Low
  • Which of these is the name of Niko’s Archnemesis throughout the majority of GTA IV?

    • Brucie Kibbutz
    • Dimitri Rascalov
  • What is the in-game reward for collecting 200 radioactive Pigeons?

    • A Sentinel Appears at each of your Safehouses
    • An Annihilator Chopper Spawns atop a Skyscraper in Star Junction

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