Learning Urdu #23

Dark cloudy morning to all my virily friends. In the last month I was in the area of Baluchistan, Pakistan where the majority of people speaking balochi. It is so difficult language but for those who not understand bit. So a man who not understand anything is very difficult for him. Therefore, we should try to understand specially language of different countries. I once again thanks all of you for liking and participating on my quizzes. I am trying to learn Urdu to my friend who are interested in this field.  As you know that a language of the different countries and area is a very important thank for the strangers. When you not now the language of the area where you want to go then you face planty of difficulties. How you ask to someone for the solution of your problems. So learning of language specially major language of a country is very essential. I here trying to learn Urdu for those who want to visit to the south Asia countries. I started from the very basic so anyone who interested to learn will eaaly pick the Urdu language and will solve the issues when go to Urdu speaking countries.

  • Protect

    • Barbad karna
    • Hifazt karna
    • Zaya karna
  • Protest

    • Ihtijaaj karna
    • Ihtijaaj na krna
    • Ihtijaaj dekhna
  • Publish

    • Shaaya karna
    • Shaaya na karna
    • Shaaya hony say rokna
  • Punish

    • Maafi dana
    • Saza dana
    • Chour dana
  • Quarrel

    • Larrai karna
    • Dosti karna
    • Piar karna
  • Question

    • Sawaal karna
    • Sawaali banana
    • Jawab dana
  • Qualify

    • Mayaar per utarna
    • Mayaar ka na hona
    • Mayaari banana
  • Recognise

    • Shinakht karna
    • Shinakht dana
    • Shinakhti alamt

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