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Independence Day in Philippines Quiz

It will be days from now and the Filipinos will observe its Independence Day. So I decided to create this quiz. Hopefully it will somewhat educate you the history of the Philippines and its INDEPENDENCE.

You can use Google though if you want 😀 but if you want to test your knowledge and trust your instincts I bet not. 😀


  • Question of

    When was Philippine independence declared?

    • 1896
    • 1897
    • 1898
    • 1899
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    Before declaring independence, the Philippines was a colony of Spain for how long?

    • 311 years
    • 317 years
    • 323 years
    • 333 years
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    Where was the declaration of Philippine independence held?

    • Malolos, Bulacan
    • Kawit, Cavite
    • Intramuros, Manila
    • Minglanilla, Cebu
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    Who composed the Philippine national anthem that was first played during the Declaration of Independence?

    • Julian Felipe
    • Antonio Luna
    • Emilio Aguinaldo
    • Apolinario Mabini
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    The lyrics of the Philippine national anthem are based in the Spanish poem “Filipinas.” Who originally wrote the poem?

    • Andres Bonifacio
    • Jose Palma
    • Julian Felipe
    • Graciano Lopez Jaena
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    What was the title of the Philippine national anthem when it was first played in June 12?

    • Marcha Nacional Filipina
    • Marcha Real
    • Lupang Hinirang
    • Patria Adorada
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    Who is regarded as the mother of the Philippine flag?

    • Gabriela Silang
    • Gregoria De Jesus
    • Melchora Aquino
    • Marcela Agoncillo
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    After 48 years as a colony of the US, independence was granted on which date?

    • June 4
    • July 4
    • June 12
    • July 12
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    What happened during the Treaty of Manila in 1946?

    • The Philippines was granted independence from the US
    • The Philippines was ceded from Japan to US
    • The Philippines was liberated from Japanese occupation
    • The Philippines ceased involvement from World War II
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    Which president moved the observance of Independence Day to June 12?

    • Manuel Quezon
    • Sergio Osmeña
    • Diosdado Macapagal
    • Ferdinand Marcos


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