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Can You Guess These Viral Life Hacks?

It is a fact that your life can be a lot more easier if you know some life hacks. And guess what, there are many of them that include using everyday items and clever tactics that you may never even thought about before. This short quiz consists some of the most popular life hacks that you will find really useful. So, go ahead and find out if you have been doing things wrong your whole life and also get the chance to learn some stuff that may come in handy.

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    How to save a wet mobile phone?

    • Blow dry it with a hair dryer.
    • Put it in a container filled with rice.
    • Put it in a container filled with beans.
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    Which nut can help you remove scratches on wood furniture?

    • Macadamia nuts
    • Hazelnuts
    • Walnuts
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    What to do if you accidentally spill red wine on your clothes?

    • Spill vodka on the stain.
    • Spill white wine on the stain.
    • Put your clothes in a bucket with hot water.
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    The right way to clean your laptop keyboard is to use …

    • a wet wipe
    • a post-it note
    • a sponge
    • a toilet paper
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    Which of these items can you use to open a tight jar?

    • a binder clip
    • a duct tape
    • a can opener
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    How to clean scratches on your phone screen?

    • Rub it with melted chocolate.
    • Rub it with toothpaste.
    • Rub it with shaving cream.


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