Would you like to stay in this Maldivian resort all year round?

Do you want to stay in a Maldivian resort all year round? So now it’s possible to spend a little more money. Anantara Valley Resort is offering unlimited stays in 2021 under the ‘Unlimited Stay in Paradise’ package. Under this package, 2 persons can stay in the resort for the whole year, during which they will stay in the bungalow built on the water while daily breakfast, Wi-Fi, transport facility will be available. Discounts will also be offered on food and spa services, and bookings for this package can be made until December 30.

Tourists were banned after the corona virus outbreak, but people from abroad were allowed to come in from mid-July. Guests at the resort must follow World Health Organization guidelines to protect against the virus. In fact, the offer is similar to what was given in restaurants some time ago that you can eat as much food as you can for a certain amount of money.

The Guests will also receive training in cooking, diving and surfing, but for a fee. The package is priced at 30,000 dollar. Be clear The Maldives’ economy is dependent on international tourists, which is why the border has been opened to tourism so quickly. More than 12,000 corona cases have been confirmed in the Maldives so far and the death toll is 12.

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