When food becomes scarce

Food is getting scarce here for several reasons. First is the lack of money due to lost income as an effect of the lockdown. Most businesses are closed hence no work that most of the workers are in a no work, no pay arrangement.  Second reason is the difficulty to buy food since there is always a long line to the entrance of the market. Another reason is the lack of products in the racks of the stores maybe because of the checkpoints on the roads.

For those with trees and edibles in the garden, they are doing their best to be afloat in the kitchen even without shopping for food. At least if you have a garden then you can have some food supplements from the vegetables and the fruit trees. With the present situation that we are in, you should have the ability to find food outside the normal way.

  • Do you have edibles in your garden?

    • Yes
    • No
    • we have no garden


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Written by Alex Socorro

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