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Theme parks may be obsolete

What happens now to the theme parks that we love like Disneyland? When the corona virus stays with the earth until the end of the year, theme parks will become obsolete. Definitely they will be closed forever and wait for financing if ever they need to open again. All their equipment were stagnant and their resources are depleted.

Another problem is that when the theme parks reopen, will there be guests? People are used to social distancing and the attitude to stay away from crowds. If social distancing will be practiced in theme parks, people will just be turned off and they would rather stay away than face the risk of contamination.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I think there will still be visitors. After all, look at how many still do not believe this virus is real!! Also, many flocked to the beaches when they should have been practicing social distances here in the U.S. So I think the theme parks will survive. There are some that will do as they want no matter what.

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