The mango tree

The mango is a tropical fruit which means it cannot grow in cold places. And although there are some mangoes that grow in cold places but they have difficulty in bearing fruit. The mango tree bears flowers after experiencing the hot summer. Mango farmers say that it is the heat that induces the tree to bear flowers. That means flowering is not the style of the tree in the rainy season much more that the flower is ruined by the rain that they will not turn into fruits.

After the flowering and the bearing of fruits, one of the hardest part in tending mangoes is the pest that destroys the skin of the fruit. And when the fruit is maturing, there are the birds and also the bats that prowl at nigh to pick mangoes. Fortunately mango farmers have their way so the mangoes can reach our dining table. Next time you buy and the price is stiff, just think of the ordeal that the farmer had gone through with the mangoes.

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