The habit of saving money

When we were in grade school, there was a savings bank that had a campaign for children to learn the habit of saving money. Small piggy banks were distributed and the amount of coins that a pupil had saved would be matched by the bank. In other words, when a pupil saved 100 then the bank would give the pupil 100 so he can open a savings account for an initial deposit of 200.

Saving money, especially loose change or coins, is a good habit because the coins can amount to something in the long run. The coins that I saved for 1 year could be used to buy half of the Christmas gifts that I needed to buy. Some others I know deposit the coins to their savings account for the emergency fund. How much do you save in a year?

  • Do you save money?

    • Yes
    • No
    • no
    • sometimes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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