The fruits in our garden

I am a backyard gardener and my forte is in the edibles – fruits and vegetables. Since our home is smaller than the standard lot size of 300 square meters, I had to choose which fruits are best to be planted. The mango tree is already in the backyard and also fruiting so I just let it be. Beside the mango tree, there is the grove of imported banana that can give us a harvest every 3 or 4 months. There is the star fruit and dragon fruit in the front yard that are part of my pride and joy when they are fruiting. Not to forget the custard apple and some other plants and trees.

Relatives and friends admire my small garden so I always urge them to plant edibles. You can start small like a shrub of strawberry in a pot or maybe mint for the dinner plate. The joy in gardening is when the harvest time comes. No matter the quantity of the harvest, there is joy and fulfilment.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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