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The fruiting mango is sensitive to water

When the mango tree is fruiting, it doesn’t need water although when the weather is too hot, giving the tree some water is all right as long as it is not too much. Irrigating the tree when there are small fruits tend to hasten the maturing of the fruits. What happens is the small fruits will turn yellow as if they are already ripe but they are not. In other words, the fruits are wasted when you give the mango tree too much water.

That was a neat lesson for me since I am fond of watering the plants and the trees in our home. When the small mangoes started to turn yellow and fell on the ground, that made me think that something is wrong. Fortunately, a mango farmer told me not to water the mango tree. Let it go thirsty and the fruits will ripen beautifully.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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