The conflict in the face mask

I wonder why our health department is saying that we should not wear face mask because it should only be for the patient. That means if we are not a patient with corona virus then a face mask is not needed. In the US, that is also the pronouncement of their president. But one health expert said that it is better to be protected by the face mask so the virus cannot easily enter our system in case there is a carrier nearby.

So what do we do now, wear a face mask or don’t wear? Lately the supermarkets here require the shopper to wear a face mask otherwise he would be refused entry. I was a victim of that requirement because I was in line for a time and when I reached the entrance, the security guard explained me the rules. Okay, I had to go home to get my face mask. Maybe that’s a lesson to stop believing in rumors even if they come from the authorities.

  • Do you wear a face mask?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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