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The art of making bonsai

Bonsai is a plant that is made dwarf by the Japanese art of making bonsai. It is a painstaking chore to make a bonsai for you have to tend it every day or at least every other day. Trimming and shaping the twigs and branches to your desired form is not an easy task.The most popular bonsai plants are big trees that were dwarfed. An acacia that is a huge tree is cute when it is a bonsai that fit in a small pot like that in the picture. There’s also the mulberry that is very small but with lots of fruits. In one bonsai exhibit, I saw a fruiting mandarin tree that is planted on a clay pot. Such a nice display in the home when the bonsai has fruits.

I am venturing on making my own bonsai for home decoration. And I am starting with a mulberry because that is very easy to grow. I just don’t know if making a bonsai will take time because they say it takes 2 years. So I hope my patience will hold for that period.

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