The Art Of Letting Things Go Through Love

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t land there by accident.”

 Can you just imagine how motivating it would be if you were given confirmation from 100 years in the future that what you are presently striving to do, however menial some of them may have seemed to be, actually helped change our planet in a positive way? People who are constantly striving for the greater good of things frequently end up feeling disillusioned and defeated because they cannot see the end results of their efforts. 

Most of them had started out inspired and eager, with a deep desire to make some or other meaningful difference, then, sadly, when nothing outwardly seemed to be changing, they start believing that they weren’t making any headway anyhow, then simply give up. When we take on large goals, set to take several years to complete, we simply cannot allow a lack of instant results to stop us, especially when that which we had started, has long term goals, stretching over many years. 

There is just too much at stake and the consequences are far too high. When Feelings of disillusionment arise, they can be overcome by acting from a position of love and a sincere desire to make a difference and then to just let go. I am saying, that, by just “letting go”, is really a way of showing your faith in the positive difference your positive thoughts and actions have made, even when you can’t see it yet. Many of the changes may not even be visible for hundreds of years. 

This is why we need to trust that one day in the future, they will become clear, and then, to simply remain focused and performing those actions now, that feels right to you now, rather than expecting instant miracles. Just as the Butterfly effect, shows that even the smallest or mundane actions can have a huge impact further down the line. Therefore, everything you do is going to make a difference, and as such, you need to simply hold on to your inner expectations. 

You need to see your actions as laying an important foundation upon which growth and progress are set to happen later. This will allow you to view your actions as a labor of love that makes you feel good about doing what you are now by which the benefits will only become apparent in the distant future. Remaining detached and dispassionate is the surest way to a successful outcome regardless of how long it takes for it to become apparent.

  • Are you busy doing something now that will benefit someone other than you?

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