In the 80’s we were flooded out of our home as were so many others in Durban, (during cyclone Demoina) South-Africa. We took our three kids to a McDonald’s with the last of our money and bought them happy meals. My wife and I were pondering what we were going to do next, where were we going to go! I looked up and old lady showed up at our table with a flower in a Dixie cup. 

She said, “Everything is going to be okay and God knows your exact needs.” She had a glowing Aura and the sweetest smile. My wife and I both said thank you so much. I looked down and saw the flower and turned to say Lady, you forgot your flower but she was nowhere in sight. It was only a second and she was gone. 

There is no way she could move that fast, even at half her age. She had to have been in her 80’s. My wife and I both looked at each other, shocked, and said at the same time what just happened? We walked out of the restaurant and get the kids into the car when a person walked up to us and handed me a card with a shelter for flood victims written on it. 

No one knew we are flood victims !!! We were living in the side of the city that wasn’t affected by it. We got to the shelter and everything just happened so fast . We got housing right away… people showed up offering housing. A guy showed up who owned a furniture store and gave me his card. He said come to my store and I will furnish your home. Another man showed up and said come to my grocery store and I will feed you for the next year. There was much more… all this happened right after that old lady showed up at our table. I truly believe she was an angel sent to us! God bless everyone

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