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If You Could Be Someone Then You Would Be- Part 2

In the previous poll we saw which profession would you like to take up i.e. your ideal dream job.

The dream job that got highest votes till now was wildlife photography.

In today’s poll, let’s see which animal would you like to be. The qualities of that animal are also mentioned to help you choose based on their traits.

Are you ready to choose?

  • If You Could Be An Animal/Bird, Then You Would Be?

    • Lion- King of The Jungle
    • Cat- Cutie
    • Dog- Obedient Always
    • Cow- Calm
    • Bull- Hard working
    • Monkey- Playful
    • Eagle- Fly High
    • Swan- Beautiful
    • Cheetah- Fast runner
    • Tortoise- Slow & Steady
    • Other- Not Mentioned Above


What do you think?

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Written by Jappy