Shortage of face mask

I think the shortage of face mask is being experienced all over the world. Since the arrival of the news of corona virus in Wuhan City, China, the face masks here made a disappearing act. Since then pharmacies rely on their poster that there is no available face mask for customers to stop asking. Even the health department had issued a request for the public to stop buying face masks (if there is) so that medical workers can have a face mask for their use.

With the shortage, enterprising people are having a heyday in manufacturing their own face mask to be sold in the streets. In the picture is the vendor selling face masks of different colors. The cost is 40 pesos. The standard face mask in the pharmacy costs only 2 pesos. That big difference is about the material used, the color and, of course, the opportunity.

  • Do you wear a face mask when you go out?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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