Rubber duck racing festival, Tubingen area, Germany

Since 1999 up to now, the annual rubber ducks race in the historic town of Tübingen, near the city, Stuttgart, Germany, is held on the Neckar River, attracting thousands of people and tourists. calendar to see and join.

About 7,000 ducks made of yellow rubber, approximately one third of Stuttgart’s population are released into the Neckar. The official duck racing festival starts at noon. Those who want to participate will have to hire “race ducks” from the organizers, not “ducks” to take the exam to avoid fraud.

Before being released into the river, the race participants will stick their names and number on the rubber ducks and the rest is standing on the shore cheering them. A heavy metal object was attached to the bottom of the rubber racing ducks to keep them balanced. The first finished duck will win first prize with a prize value of 10,000 euros. This year’s rubber duck racing festival was held at noon on October 6.

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