Pushkar Camel Fair

The annual Pushkar camel fair takes place in 5 days and is held in Pushkar town in Rajasthan state, India. The fair attracts hundreds of herdsmen and thousands of tourists from all over the world to buy, sell and visit. On average, tens of thousands of camels are brought here.

It is considered the largest camel fair in the world, originating from a business fair organized by traders of camel and local cattle. They gathered here during the Kartik Purnima holiday.

Today, Pushkar camel fair has many other interesting activities besides trading, exchanging camels, in which, the most unique and funniest is the “Miss” camel contest. The camel athletes contest is “represented” in the “colorful” costumes to compete in the beauty contest.

In addition, the fair also hosts a series of other unique contests such as “who has the longest mustache”, competitions, competitions with performing arts, magic, and circus activities with the participation of Many magicians, singers, dancers, acrobats, hypnotists, snake drivers. In recent years, the fair has also hosted dramatic cricket matches between the two teams, including Pushkar’s local sports club and any other team including tourists.

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