Precious water in the tap

The water system is one of the best inventions of man for urban living. Can you imagine if we had to fetch water from the well for our needs just like in the olden times? Now it is no sweat since all you need to do is to turn on the valve of the faucet and you get the water that you need. And it’s not only the water for the home that you can get but also the water that you need for everything like cleaning the car and watering the garden.

In our tropical country, we are warned from time to time to conserve water. Summer is the dry season that the water dams experience a low water level that causes water shortage in the city. But do people really care to conserve water? Not really because they don’t believe in such a warning. If there is no water in the tap then maybe that is easy to believe.

  • Do you have a filter for drinking water?

    • Yes
    • No
    • We buy bottled drinking water
    • We have drinking water delivered


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Written by Alex Socorro

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