Posting of food in social media

Because of the lockdown, people are engrossed in social media to while away the time and to fight boredom. They are posting challenges such as posting pictures of you in your workplace or posting your baby picture. The latest challenge is to post the picture of your meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe this has a little sense because people are having a hard time on what to cook. It is not easy to buy food now that the long lines to the market and grocery stores are always long.

In the picture is my lunch the other day. It is fried fish and a vegetable dish. Very cheap lunch since fish is cheap particularly the tilapia and also the vegetable dish is not expensive. Besides, that food is nutritious so it is approved by dieticians. But how about the Coke? I have no answer for that.

  • Do you post your selfie in social media?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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