One way trip to Mars

Space travel has caught the fancy of man since the earlier centuries that inventors tried their best to send man to the air. Fortunately in the 1900s, brothers Orville and Wilbur succeeded with the first airplane flight. Now jets are used to ferry people from airport to airport. With the space travel, Russia was first in space but US was first on the moon.

After conquering the moon in July of 1969, man is now poised to check on Mars. But the trip to the nearby planet is more of a one-way than a round trip. The plan is to establish a laboratory of a base for people to stay. A private space agency called SpaceX is leading the way. They are already in the process of a test flight for their space ship that will go to the moon and back with non-astronauts as passengers. If that venture would be successful then Mars is next.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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