My friend, mentor and guide

She was my husband’s aunt. .  She was introduced to me  after we shifted here as she was posted in a convent not so far away from where we lived. I had not met her before 

I helped her in getting donations for her convent now and then.   The kids that I entertain during Christmas  are from this Institute. 

She very much wanted me to start that ‘BEYOND THE CLASSROOM’ event and it was during one of those visits I was paying to different schools with another nun that I met with that ghastly accident.  And that closed that chapter.  It never happened. I had made great preparations. 

She was loved by all – there were countless of them as she had travelled the world. . Her simplicity, her kindness and love for mankind made her stand out We lost her a couple of years ago. She was in her nineties.  RIP

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