Missing the events in the mall

It is now summer and usually events are abundant. Aside from the sales in the malls, we are after the trade fair and also the events for pets. For a pet lover, bringing the pets to the mall is big deal especially when there is an event about pets. We get a lot of freebies and complimentary samples not only of dog food but also of medicines and magazines.

At this time last year, there is the dog beauty pageant. Of course, it is just for fun and the criteria is not really defined. Usually what happens is that all contestants get to win a prize. That is fun for the pet owners too because they can get pictures of their dogs with the costumed mascots.

  • Do you bring your dog to the mall?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes
    • we have no dog


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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