Little things are lucky

Everyone comes to think at some point: My life is terrible, and I have to change it from this point! Perhaps you felt so when you were in business for five consecutive hours or when you realized that going out with your friends in a café turn into a testimony of the same five story lines from Sunday to Sunday. Whatever the occasion, the feeling is the same: you did not want such a life and you want to be out! Immediately!

For this occasion, I want to give you 20 tried and tested rules – you can call them and suggestions – that will help you feel better, to be more determined and more persistent in creating a better and more beautiful life. Both for themselves and for others. Respect yourself! Beautify someone’s day. Be generous in sharing a smile. Give yourself a confession. Do not bother! Be grateful for what you have……

  • Do small things make your life beautiful?

    • Yes
    • No

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