Jesus Came to Give Us Life Forever

Life forever sounds to be supernatural and eternal. Indeed, Jesus Christ came into the world, was sacrificed on the cross and then resurrected to give us life forever. It is God’s goodness that He has come to us to give us life only and no death at all.

The flesh dies one day and it dies daily for the sake of the Lord. But God’s goodness is so abundant that He cleanses the flesh and uses that for His glory and to give us life. When God comes and stays within us, we get a new life and our flesh is also renewed. God has already sent Holy Spirit for us. All we have to do is to welcome it into our heart.

To receive Holy Spirit and have the eternal life from the Lord, all we have to do is to ask for it. Just pray, “Dear Holy Spirit, come into my life in the name of Jesus and cleanse me, guide me, help me and love me.”

  • Do You Receive God’s Eternal Life Today?

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Written by puregrace

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