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Indian Comics Poll 6

Mudhu Muskan was an Indian weekly comic magazine from the Gowarsons Group of Companies, started Madhu Muskan in 1972 whic become one of the popular comic. Although Madhu Muskan was considered as a magazine, but it contain illustrated comical stories featuring various characters and just few pages contains stories and news in the form of a magazine. It was shut down during 2004 Comics Industry crises.



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Written by Yugocean


  1. Well, this publisher had 4 comics/magazines
    1. Madhu Muskan – collection of comics + generally some story text pages
    2. Madhu Muskan Comics (Hindi only)- a. generally single comics (but, some numbers are collection of best madhu Muskan characters b. New heroes 3. some western characters – total somewhere 105 to 125 comics
    3. Gowarsons Comics ( saw all Hindi, but 1 in Eng ) – 1.western characters 2. Commando war comics 4. Archie (total 60 to 80)
    4. Trishul Comics – (Hindi only)- saw 8 only, but more possible
    Making database of 2,3 and 4 – may be some day can tell exact quantity.
    But I’ll recommend all four. Among all 4 , I like Gowarsons most (but like other too).

    • 1. Madhu Muskan are more than 1000 – those were printed in Hindi, later in English also.
      Some friends told that it was printed in some Indian regional languages, but I didn’t saw myself as hard copy or scans.