Worry about losing your job? Many people experience fears over redundancy and lay-off, says Australia’s Victoria Government’s Better Health Channel. The stress gets even worse as pressures at work increase, causing people to feel as if their jobs are going to be cut and as these losses are realized so too must it affect the Dollar value, and, you guessed it, the risk, of losing your retirement annuity or pension, if their investments do not perform to a certain minimum standard, not to mention the external pressures which come into play. As the entire world economy slows down, so too must the international job market and trade, become increasingly volatile.

Again, a pragmatic approach, whereby, practical considerations are opted for, rather than by ideals, can work wonders in alleviating work-related anxiety. Build strong lines of communication between you and your employer or broker. Remedy, ensure you know exactly what is expected of you and request regular (annual or six-monthly) performance appraisals to allow you to outline your successes and get constructive pointers on areas for improvement, it’s your life and your cash, you’re entitled to know whats going on.

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