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Imposed on you

In society, such as “You should not go out, you are going to take an exam. You should not go to yoga, I have just given birth to a son for a few weeks”, “You go to the gym 6 days a week? There is a real problem! “. Do not apply for leave from work on birthdays? “The work is never fun, living reality goes for me” …. why work all year? Etc. – I have heard the above statements throughout the year, from people in my family, colleagues and friends. I realized that they had no malice, just because of a deep misunderstanding.

It’s easy to think that people say that because of jealousy and anger, but in reality it’s not. The fact is that most people in the world are stuck. They are living in a prison created by themselves. They grew up with sets of socially shaped principles, influenced by the most influential people in their lives.

  • Do you have the pressure around you or not?

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    • No


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