How Will Jesus Strengthen You?


Is the fear of the world overcoming your faith on the Lord? Are you loosing confidence in whatever you do? The works of the Lord’s hand are pure and unfailing. The myths of the world might have overcome your mind, however, the truth of Jesus Christ will set you free right now. The word of God is alive. Even when we speak the word of God once with full faith in Him, it works immediately without fail. Moreover, Jesus says that even if you have a mustard seed of faith, the prayers will be answered.

When we put our trust upon the Lord, He strengthens us. He has all the power to rise up us with His righteousness and purity. Only Jesus Christ can do it because He is still alive.

So, confess the word of God from Isaiah 41:10 and you will see Jesus strengthening you. His strength is for increased courage, hope and more trust in Him. We need His courage so that we may have more ability to go beyond the limitations of our mind.

He strengthens us with the power of His word which is righteous. The works of His right hand are the one that overcome the darkness. The evil shall sustain no more and hence we are strengthened and made courageous in Jesus name.

Let’s receive this praying and the word of God in the name of Jesus. “Amen”.

  • Are You Receiving the Strength and the Righteousness of the Lord?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by puregrace

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    • Yes, quite often when I was weak within and outside both, God has strengthened me with spiritual food as well as materialistic food. He does not like us starving in any case.