How To Trust God by Faith When Hurt by a Beloved One?

Faith is not an ordinary thing and we do need to trust God for a relationship with Him. God is not only a giver, but He stands by us like every friend should do. When we live in this world, we find that those who called themselves as a true relative and true friend have left without informing and bothering. Even then, God stands by us at that time.

We being human being cannot say that our life will go without troubles. We are still in our flesh and things do not happen always as we wish and desire. We always want comfort, happiness, lavish lifestyle and good relationships. Most of the time we think that others should keep on loving us and that does not necessarily happen.

We end in loving others and they do not miss to hurt us. At that time, we trust God by the Faith that He has given to us freely. When I got His faith, I remember that I did not even know what I have received and that means I did not ask Him for Faith. He gave it to me on His own unconditionally because I would have died if I would have not known that we can trust God strongly by His own Faith in us.

So, for you, since now you have understood that there is something known as Faith, you can ask for it to our Lord Jesus Christ because God gives us everything through Jesus Christ. Once you ask for Him with zeal, He will give it to you immediately and you will start having it within you. Then, your behavior will change and confidence, trust will rise up in you.

The trust that we have on God is a miracle in itself. It is actually MUCH MORE THAN the confidence that we see in this world. I am sure that whatever articles I am writing here, the Virily editors are reading it and benefiting from it. It is going to help them and also the readers to have God’s faith in them.

If you receive it in Jesus Name, then, let’s say Amen!

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    Did Your Beloved One Hurt You?

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    Are You Willing to Trust God?

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  1. I don’t believe in the Christian God but I respect the faith of other people, as long as it improves their lives and doesn’t harm anyone. After all, we all need something to rely on. ?
    I’m glad you found peace somehow, and hopefully this will help other people too.
    Everything happens for a reason. There can’t be forgiveness if there’s no sin, there can’t be beatitude if there’s no suffering. We can’t be grateful for the good times if we never face the bad ones. ?

    • Since I come from a non-Christian background, I have found that the faith that we often talk about is only a belief and not the Faith that comes from God. It happened to me too. I moved from faith to faith until I found the true Faith that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died on the cross for all so that His true Faith can be seen.

    • If no God, then nightmares, disappointment, depression, darkness, division, defeat, destruction, devastated life, suicides, loneliness, hatred, forsaken, abuse and so on.
      However, when there is God, we have love, compassion, prosperity, peace, mercy, kindness, empathy, self-control, gentleness, friends, relationships and MUCH MORE.

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