How to Increase Your IQ From Average to Genius Level

There prevails a natural, highly effective, perfectly feasible, timeless, and universal secret of scientifically established and proven efficacy, which can prompt your IQ to soar like a supersonic jumbo jet; thereby transforming you from an individual with an average IQ, to an innovative genius of inconceivable capacity. Just as a simple sowed seed can eventually transform into a gigantic and abundantly fruit-yielding tree; just as a helpless one-day-old baby would ultimately metamorphose into a world-renowned athletic gold medalist, so also would this secret enable you to judiciously navigate your superior mental horizons with steadiness and certainty, permitting you to harness the very finest of your mental resources. This secret awakens and unleashes your untapped mental potential, permitting the authoritative and unprecedented blossoming and materialization of your deepest inert abilities.

Remodel and rewire your brain to a highly momentous and far-stretching circuit; boost the volume of gray matter in virtually every portion of your brain; develop fresh dendrites and innovative thought patterns; and turn on a new thrilling and fascinating page of your personal history, by transforming from an ordinary individual to a super-genius.

Within the modern socio-economic regime, some people are born millionaires by virtue of the fact that they inherited wealth from their family members. Yet, there are numerous millionaires in our world, who were not privileged to inherit even a single penny from their parents, but through concerted effort and single-pointed ambition, have become remarkable millionaires, often with more money-making aptitude than those who inherited wealth from family members. In a similar manner, some people are born with genius IQ, while others are self-made geniuses. Sometimes a self-made millionaire is even more apt than a born millionaire, because the process of becoming a self-made millionaire is highly educative and incredibly empowering, enabling the self-made millionaire to maintain an edge over the born millionaire.

With your newly acquired genius IQ, you can enrich your personal life; fulfill your wildest dreams; enhance the welfare and happiness of family members; pioneer transformational and ingenious schemes in your community; and substantially contribute to bettering our world. The decision to develop your IQ to genius level is just your willingness to unlock your unexplored and unexploited mental wealth so that you can start utilizing it in embellishing your own life and transforming your community.

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