How To Come Out of a Broken Relationship by Faith

Faith when received by God brings joy at the right time. Those who are in good Faith know that God is in control all the time. However, those who are still progressing would learn that joy comes from God when we are in His Faith.

Being in Faith actually means that we are with God instead of being with the person who broke the relationship. It hurts the most when the person whom we loved so much has forsaken and went without feeling anything about it.

However, Faith that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ replaces that broken feeling immediately or timely. It is tough to let the relationship end and let that person go, however, in the end of the broken heart, you will see our Lord Jesus Christ standing with His fullness of Faith.

Faith doesn’t let us fall weak easily. It helps us stand and hence depression cannot touch us no matter what. This is the reason why many people who are strong in Faith in God do not even cry when there beloved one goes to be with the Lord. They have it all within them.

The Faith that comes from the Lord is pure and hence it remains untouched with the negativity and the darkness. So, when fallen down, Faith is always there to lift us up instantly. In Faith, we cannot fall and that is why Faith comes from God only. Only God is the one who has never fallen. All other things fall. Even the angels have fallen down from heaven. Faith that comes from God has true love attached to it.

So, it is Jesus Christ who brought the same Faith to us when He was here on Earth. With the Faith that He was given by God our Father, He went on the cross and accomplished it. He completed the mission, so that now we can easily receive His joy when we have Faith in Him.

Happiness is the true miracle! For our joy, Jesus Christ did miracles on Earth. Joy is the glory of God. Knowing all this, you might know that in Faith we are automatically filled with Joy and that is the best part of Faith.

When in Faith, there is no bitterness, no regret, no hatred and no complaint too when someone has broken the heart and passed by so easily without even thinking about it. However, with Faith in our heart, we have stability and with the stability we are not shaken. What is not shaken cannot be broken! So, with Faith, we are not shaken and hence we can easily come out of the thing that tends to break the heart.

If you have received it in Jesus Name, then, Let’s say Amen!

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    • We never know what happens and when it happens. I was broken when my 6 years old relationship broke all of a sudden. Later on, I realized that it was all God’s plan for my betterment. Sometimes, God puts us into very hard testing.

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