How Jesus Helps Us Forget the Past Forever?


It is not by our strength, but by the will of the Most High God that we receive whatever we have in our heart. When God comes and stays in our heart, the first thing that He does is to cleanse our heart. A clean heart is a clean mind too.

When we call Jesus Christ our Lord, we give Him authority over our life. Now, when we receive the Holy Spirit, it starts praying for us to God our Father and even our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Angels, they keep on praying for us. Also, the prayer warriors of God pray for us diligently being led by the spirit of God. So, it is that whole heaven starts praying for us to God our Father to rescue us from the things of the past.

During the process of transformation, we are transformed into a new Holy Human Being. Thus, we are made new with a new heavenly heart, a new heavenly mind and soul too. Even the cells of our body are renewed. The whole Earth becomes new. Due to this newness, the old things of the past are forgotten completely because we have a new heart and a new mind that is controlled by our Lord Jesus Christ. The process of cleansing and renewing continues all our life. So, our heart and mind keeps on renewing.

Thus, all the break-ups are forgotten. All those who have hurt you in the past, the hurt is vanished. The abuse is gone and you are a new being, a Grace being. The hatred of the past is transformed into love of God. The tears of the past are changed into joy of the Lord. The evil words of the mouth are transformed into the praises of the Lord and the word of God.

Thus, transformation happens when you are still alive and then we are known as the born-again. The born-again are those who are renewed by the Grace of God.

I believe that we all are born-again in Jesus name, “Amen”.

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Written by puregrace

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