Finally 'Nirbhaya' got justice

Traveling in a bus with her friend six men raped her, tormented her, tortured her, ruptured her intestines, thurst an iron rod inside her and threw her on the road. She died seven days later  This was in December of 2012

The culprits were booked and jailed with no bail but it took  all of seven years to hang them.  They were hanged today. Of the six, one of them had committed suicide in jail and the juvenile is let free. 

Our judicial system needs a second look.  All is not well there.

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  1. It’s indeed a great news to see justice done. But 7 long years is quite a wait. I believe, in India, rapists are hanged in “rare of the rarest” cases. And in some reviews that I was reading online, I read one saying rapists will now know that if they commit such crimes, they will be hanged. REALLY??

    And another thing. About Virily this time. It’s great to see such an article published immediately. If I know correctly, it takes a day or two to make it live. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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