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Here are a few tips regarding your article Teaser, Summary (first paragraph): Do’s and Don’ts The purpose of your article teaser,(summary) is to entice a potential reader to read the rest of your article. 

Get right to point and playfully tease your audience with the benefits of what you are sharing with them, what they will receive if they read your article. 

Article Teaser Do’s:

(1) Create in Proper Length: Your article summary should be 2 to 5 sentences long. 

(2) Give Emotional Benefits: Speak directly to your reader of the emotional benefits that can be gained by reading the information in your article body.

 (3) Target your Reader: Give your ideal reader reasons they should continue reading your article. 

(4) Include Keywords: Your article teaser should mention at least 3 to 5 keywords relating to your article topic.

Article Teaser Don’ts: 

(1) Repeat Your Article Title

 (2) Repeat Your Author Name

 (3) Pitch You, Yourself, or Your Business

 (4) Include your URL or Email Address 

(5) Blatantly self-promote

 (6) Create an Article Teaser more than 2 paragraphs or 7 sentences in length.

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