Dyeing the hair

When I was younger, I said to myself that I will not dye my hair and let nature take over. If my hair gets white (or gray) just let it be.  Vanity is not in my dictionary. Or so I thought. When lots of my hair begins to show a different color, I have noticed one morning that I was feeling weak like an old man. Of course, an old man is what I see on the mirror hence I would feel it. White or gray hair can really make you look old.

That was the main reason why I am dyeing my hair black so that I would look good not for the public but for myself. When I look young on the mirror then I feel young and strong. Somehow there is logic so they cannot say that I am just vain in coloring my hair. At least I have my own reasons not to look old.

  • Do you dye your hair?

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    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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