Dried fruits beneficial or harmful to health?

Consumption of dried fruits in cold weather increases, but are they good or bad for health? If you have this question in mind, the answer is that dried fruits (if sugar-free) can be good for health.

Fruits are a good source of essential nutrients for the body, such as fiber and potassium, but most people do not pay attention to them. They contain bioactive ingredients such as polyphenols and carotene which provide additional medical benefits to the body and eating fruit can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.If it is difficult to eat fruit, then using more dried fruits is an easy and delicious solution.

Fruits available in the form of dried fruits are available all year round compared to fresh fruits, they are also easy to preserve and can be used as a substitute for health hazards. People who are accustomed to eating dried fruits absorb more important nutrients, including fiber and potassium, but they also gain more calories. Dried fruits are a good source of good ingredients but people should make sure they don’t contain sugar.

People who eat dried fruits consume more physical energy and thus compensate for the extra calories and low body weight indicates that these people are more physically active.

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