Do You Love Jesus Truly?

The descendants of Father Abraham love Jesus truly. So, are you one of the descendant of Abraham? Who is Abraham?

Abraham is the Father of the obedient. He obeyed God when asked to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. However, God made him do that as a testimony to the world to show that Abraham is faithful and obedient. Obedient in everything and anything. God stopped Abraham when he was about to sacrifice his son and gave back his son to him. Not only that but God made Him as our Father. Now, in Him, we have promises of fulfillment.

So, you love Jesus truly when we are obedient to Him in each and every thing. Obedience in small or big, loving Jesus Christ in all the circumstances and giving our faithfulness to the Lord, is all about loving the Lord truly.

  • Do You Love Jesus Truly?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. How can we love Jesus truly?

    To love is not just to like or to respect, to love is to honour Jesus as the son of God in such a way that it then allows you to live from his love in you. Loving truly is being your real self in God.

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