Do You Have A Blameless Heart?

Generosity is not merely giving donations or tithes every month. It is not even done fully by helping the poor, doing social work or being a volunteer. The meaning of generosity has MUCH MORE depth in it.

Charity comes from the Lord Himself, so a man cannot boast about his good works, his help to the poor and his help to the needy because whatever we have, all comes from the Lord. So, what is charity or generosity in true sense?

Have you ever emptied your heart for the Lord, so that He can fill Himself in your heart, the way He wants? Are you a cheerful giver? Emptying your heart for the Lord 100% is generosity. Giving all your heart, your soul, your body, your mind, your relations, your beloved ones and everything that you love to the Lord, so that He can be magnified in all this. Glory is of the Lord and not of our self.

Even then, as Jesus Christ is the faithful one, He molds our heart to have Him and I. I and Jesus Christ become one in the blameless heart. Then, “I love Jesus Christ” holds true. No wonder why Abraham was asked by God to give his only son as a sacrifice. It was only to testify to the world that Abraham has a blameless heart and now through Christ, we have been given the blameless seed of Abraham according to the promise that God had given him.

So, the descendants of Abraham has the promised land of Israel through obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Do You Have A Blameless Heart?

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