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Custard apple, sugar apple or cherimoya?

This tropical fruit has many names which means it is not unique although it is not common anymore. We call it Atis and there is another variety called Anonas. But the taste is practically the same even if the skin is different. In English, it is more popularly known as custard apple but in our country it is called sugar apple. The cherimoya is from Australia which is the same fruit but with a different skin.

The custard apple is nice to eat, sweet and not filling that I can finish 4 if such fruits in one sitting. Unfortunately, it is a vanishing tribe since the orchards for custard apple are giving way to be transformed into residential villages or commercial areas. The fruit is getting to be rarer and rarer that there will come a time when this tropical fruit will not be seen in the market anymore.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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