Black, red or white, the various types of blackberry originate in Asia and belong to the group of plants of the Rubus or Morus family, this little fruit cannot be underestimated in any way! This is because it has numerous health benefits, helping for example to control blood pressure and strengthening the immune system – protecting, in turn, the body from diseases and viruses.

Don’t forget, whether you consume the fruit naturally, in juice or in the form of tea, you are actively strengthening your defenses.

Here are seven impressive benefits of blackberry:

1. Improves and regulates blood pressure, avoiding hypertension;

2. Strengthens the immune system;

3. It is good for the eyes;

4. It is an excellent source of iron, a fundamental element for optimal blood circulation;

5. Strengthens bones, countering the development of osteoporosis;

6. Combat premature aging;

7. Helps you lose weight.

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