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Best Black Friday Deals 2019 !

Black Friday, on 29 November, is more than a worldwide calendar event, it has become an institution. Millions of people become frenzied shoppers for all manner of “Deals” on Black Friday and almost in equal proportion, are those who hate the event with a passion!

My Google research indicates, that the first mention of the quote: “Black Friday” applied to the day after Thanksgiving within a shopping context suggests that the term originated in the city of Philadelphia, where people used to describe the disruptive and excessive traffic that occurred the day after Thanksgiving.

Far from it being a joyful occasion, the term “Black Friday” was first applied to the somber mood created by a grave financial crisis, as a result of the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24,  in1869

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    • A great idea, when you have an idea of what the going prices are and have favorite authors. Generally, a rule to remember, (according to experts) is to take cash only because 86% of credit cards get maxed out on Black Friday, almost double the spending of that of Christmas. Happy hunting Haraka.