16 polls about programing languages and platforms

Programming is becoming more and more popular in the world. There are more and more programmers, professional and amateur, and programming languages. New platforms are developed to facilitate programming. If you decide to engage in programming in the future, you will certainly not make a mistake.

Here are links to all programming languages and programming platforms:

Javascript: Did you hear for Javascript?

PHP:  Did you hear for PHP?

AJAX:  Did you hear for AJAX?

CSS: Did you hear for CSS?

jQUERY:  Did you hear for Jquery?

C++: Did you hear for C++?

C#: Did you hear about C#

Java: Did you hear for Java?

Python: Did you hear for Python?

Notepad++: Did you hear for Notepad++ ?

SQL: Did you hear for SQL?

Visual Studio: Did you hear for Visual Studio?

.NET Framework: Did you hear for .NET framework?

Dreamweaver: Did you hear for Dreamweaver?

Laravel: Did you hear for Laravel?

Magento: Did you hear for Magento?

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