WE DID IT!!👊🙏🏼♥️Over 1 Million People – The Largest Livestream Of A Conversation In Human History (1/2)

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This man states he just created the largest livestream video on his website. I want to go check it out. It’s on LondonReal.

I checked out the video on the Londonreal.tv website. It is 3 hours long, and David Icke describes what the 1% Illuminati Zionists are doing to control the whole earth for the New World Order agenda. It is an experiment for the future One World Government, where the whole earth will be controlled by the 1% with microchip and toxic vaccines. He even talks about the Hunger Games future dystopian society of slaves. This dystopian society will be controlled by technology.

It is all about world domination and control. The 1% are hijacking humans to control their thoughts, actions, and life.

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