Two Hearts As One (3/4)

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Submitted to "My Poetry (Part 6)"

Can’t you see two hearts

Joined together as one

it’s as natural as the dark of night

or the bright and shining sun

If you cannot see it, then you must be blind

because it is something to be seen, it is one of a kind

Can’t you see the love of soul mates,

Brought together at last

Found the one they were searching for

all those years in the past

You can see it in their faces, because they sparkle and glow

and they find beauty in anything, even if it were to rain or snow

Can’t you feel the heartbeats,

From a thousand miles away

Knowing they found true love,

That will forever stay

If you can’t hear it, you must open your ears

because the sound will keep on singing for many years

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