Miko Peled: Injustice (2/2)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Miko Peled, an Israeli-American who was raised to be a Zionist, is now an anti-Zionist Jewish activist to Free Palestine from the Zionists. He refuses to call this illegitimate state as Israel. He now calls it as Palestine, its original name before 1948, when it was stolen and occupied by the Zionists.

He adds that he was raised with lies because many Jews were brainwashed from childhood with such lies so that they can grow up supporting the Zionist agenda as the Jewish lifestyle.


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  1. the curfews and the military lockdown sounds like what has been going on in usa during 2020, as well as probably in the other countries all over the world, living under One World Lockdown, preparing them for NWO, all based on a stupid flu to force vaccines, etc.

  2. the connection between israel and usa is that USA is zionist-occupied, such as zionist-occupied US Govt, Congress, Washington DC, AIPAC, and etc, who control USA for their NWO, One World Govt, World Domination zionist agenda.

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