Exactly how energy works (1/2)

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Sunday, October 10, 2021 (10.10.21)

Brian Laundrie is likely to be hanging out with Dog Bounty Hunter because they are both a part of the system as well as the false flag to distract people from all the political mess that will happen in society, such as an oil and gasoline crisis. Dog Bounty Hunter wears his sunglasses to cover up his energy and information from his eyes. This false flag is all a setup for distraction, like the other false flags before. (But I still think that both Brian and Gabby are still alive, hiding out somewhere, and laughing at everyone for believing this false flag charade).

He got married when his daughter died? He probably sacrificed her because he got more famous after his daughter’s death? He had 12 kids.  She was 23 when she died.

Remember, there were 700 indigenous women who went missing in that so-called “road trip” area.

From October 13th to October 31st, the Satanists and others are doing their satanic rituals, which including kidnapping animals and kids for ritual sacrifice to Satan. Some celebrities might even be sacrificed during this time, and even some celebrities might be participating in such rituals to improve their shitty careers.

People are being groomed to OBEY for the New World Order agenda….

10:10 Portal?

Mars retrograde is on December 19th, 2021. (I know someone’s birthday on December 19th). 

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