Cain Can’t Can’t (3/3)

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Cain shan’t get away with stealing Chloe from Lucifer’s grasp. Cain shan’t succeed. But he will try, won’t he?  He will ask her for another date. Even if she declines, which she has.  She rejected him, but Cain persisted. Now Lucifer must suffer the slush of jealousy that will fill him to the core. His slush of emotions will burn him to his core. He realizes now, more than ever, that Chloe must know the truth–not just about Cain and his cruel intentions, but the truth about the devil himself.

Will Lucifer break into Cain’s house in order to save Chloe? Will he tell her the whole truth, as we have seen in clips from the next 5 all new episodes? Yes. Lucifer will cry. He will fly all the way to Chloe, and tell her everything. Will he reach her on time?

Written by Maria Ayala